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4 Tips For A Low-salt Diet
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4 Tips For A Low-salt Diet

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1. Pay attention to the nutrition label of the food. When buying packaged foods, you may want to pay attention to the nutrition label. If the sodium content is below 400 mg, you can consider buying it. Our body can adapt to the low-salt diet in just two weeks.


2. Ingenious ordering. When eating at a restaurant, you can ask the chef to have less salt, such as not having some sauce with more salt, or putting the sauce on one side and eating it so that we can control it ourselves.


3. Eat more fresh vegetables. Vegetables and fruits contain high levels of potassium, which can help the metabolism of sodium.


4. Keep away from canned food. Canned foods contain large amounts of salt (containing at least 1000 mg of sodium per can), in addition to a large amount of preservatives. Therefore, vegetables and fruits should try to eat fresh.



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