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Four Kinds Of Pre-meal Weight Loss Products Help You Shape Slim Waist
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Four Kinds Of Pre-meal Weight Loss Products Help You Shape Slim Waist

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Pre-dinner one: banana

The role of bananas is almost universally known. Banana cold, according to the principle of "hot person cold", is most suitable for hot people to enjoy. It is rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamins A and C, and has a lot of dietary fiber. It is a very good nutritious food, not only beauty, but also a good fruit for weight loss.

 Eating a banana before meals can increase the satiety while providing enough nutrients and calories to the body, and the banana fat is very low, which can reduce the meat on the legs, can effectively intestines, and can effectively eliminate Excess water in the body.


Pre-dinner two: corn

Experts with slim apple cider vinegar said that corn is a coarse grain, which can regulate appetizing and lowering blood fat, lower serum cholesterol, and has good defecation effect. Corn can be cooked on behalf of tea, or it can be crushed to make corn flour, corn cake and so on.

In addition, the nutrients contained in the corn tip can enhance the body's metabolism, adjust the nervous system, make the skin smooth and smooth, inhibit and delay wrinkles.


Pre-dinner three: potato

Some people say that potatoes can cause fullness in the abdomen, and even abdominal distension and abdominal pain, so that they can not eat the staple food, and the body's absorption of nutrients is not enough. Actually not. First of all, this is not a claim to eat too much potato food at a time. Secondly, the potassium content of potato is very rich, and contains vitamin C which can help the body to resist oxidation, and this nutrient is not contained in the food. In addition to vitamin C, the potato also contains vitamin B and polyphenolic nutrients.


Pre-dinner four: almond

 the content of carotene in almonds is second only to mango in fruit. People also call almonds the fruit of anti-cancer; according to research, eating almonds all year round can not only prolong life, but also have beauty, skin care, beauty and slimming effect. The antioxidant vitamin E contained in almonds can prevent people from being oxidized and damaged by air pollution, computer radiation, and working pressure. Eating a small amount before meals will cause a noticeable satiety and reduce the intake of other high-calorie foods. Second, the dietary fiber contained in almonds can reduce the rate of fat absorption. Eating almonds does not consume too much. The heat so does not cause weight gain.



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