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Fruit Plant Slimming Capsules
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Fruit Plant Slimming Capsules

Detailed Product Description
1.fat- reducing and detoxing
2.slimming capsule
3.fruit and plant pills


Detailed Product Description 

1.fat- reducing and detoxing 

2.slimming capsule 

3.fruit and plant pills 


strawberry, cherry, grape, apple, kiwi fruit, garcinia cambogia, morange, aloe, natural spirulina, proanthocyanidins etc. 

Functional composition and content: containing 251mg flavonoids and 7.2g dietary fiber per 100g of the capsule 

Health-care effects: fat- reducing and detoxing 

Applicable people: 

suffer from lumbo-abdoinal obesity or beer belly 

suffer from postpartum obesity or nutritional obesity 

eat too much or take in excessive oil per day 

suffer from over nutrition or lack of exercise 

worry about the side effect of drugs or skin laxity after losing weight 

suffer from obesity due to sedentary office work or constant driving 

have tried different slimming methods but with poor effects 

Prohibition: children, pregnant women or lactating women should not use it 

Usage: one pill one day (before or after breakfast) 

Specification: 300mg*30 capsules 

Guarantee period: two years



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