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Full-Body Silicone SEX Doll 1:1 Ratio
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Full-Body Silicone SEX Doll 1:1 Ratio

flexible enough, type S, slender waist, delicate legs , smooth skin...

Full-body silicone SEX doll 1:1 ratio


Real doll

Feel soft


Full entity


Odorless, non-deformable platinum silica gel heating

EPE solid doll

Rechargeable body temperature, optional face, hair style

Being placed at home is an art that she can appreciate, which can increase the popularity of the home and increase the sensing function.

A good doll is equal to a good mobile phone, she can accompany you for many years.

I feel my presence with my body temperature, I am more than just a doll.

Do you have such a situation ?

All of this is because

Divorced, single, wife pregnant, lonely , traveling all the year, working in different places, Miss is not hygienic

Function introduction 

Heat the body temperature 

Joint location 


Induction sound

Every doll has its unique charm

Advantage of TPE thermal  alastic  materials 

good elasticity  ,tensile site , tear resistance ,

human skin feel and thermoforming

advantage :

flexible enough 

type s type 

slender waist

delicate legs 

smooth skin 

Do you need to clean before use ?

The product is brand new and can be safely used without washing 

How to have sex with it ?

First use lubricating oil to smear and reuse 

About the use of condoms 

Depending on your personal preferences 

How to clean after use 

You can wash your body thoroughly with bath towel .Dont were dark color of clothes to 

prevent the baby's skin from dyed 



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