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Garcinia And Hydroxyl Citric Acid (HCA)
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Garcinia And Hydroxyl Citric Acid (HCA)

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Garcinia is a plant of the genus garcinia, native to India and southeast Asia. There is a main active ingredient in the shell of gambocany fruit, hydroxyl citric acid. Hydroxyl citric acid, extracted from the shell of garcinia fruit, has been shown to increase their activity, suppressing appetite, oxidizing fat, increasing energy levels and reducing body weight. Hydroxyl citric acid also inhibits citrate lyase, which converts intracellular carbohydrates into fat. Hydroxycitric acid has the effect of reducing body weight under certain conditions: for example, for those who especially like high carbohydrate diet, those who eat a lot of food. The recommended daily dose for garcinia extract (at least 50% hydroxyl citric acid) is 750 to 1500 mg (in fractions) and should be taken approximately 30 to 60 minutes before meals.



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