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Green Tea Extract And Theanine Green Tea
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Green Tea Extract And Theanine Green Tea

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There is no clinical evidence that green tea extract can reduce weight. Early clinical trials have shown that the caffeine in green tea extract induces heat and weight loss. Scientists have since shown that green tea works much better in conjunction with caffeine and polyphenolic catechins than the two compounds alone. Animal studies have shown that green tea extract has an effect on weight loss and serum lipid levels in mice. Low serum lipid levels have been shown to reduce body weight. Theanine, an amino acid unique to green tea, has been shown in recent studies to have the ability to alter the brain's "alpha" waveform, which is beneficial to the brain's relaxation and creativity. The recommended dose for green tea extract (at least 60% polyphenols) is 125 to 500 mg per day.



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