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How Long Is It Suitable For Each Workout?
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How Long Is It Suitable For Each Workout?

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For fitness and sports activities, our focus time is about 40 minutes. After that, our attention will decrease with the increase of time. Everyone knows that especially in strength training, whether nerve control can lift weight, the idea is It is necessary to concentrate on the muscles and feel the contraction of the muscles in order to achieve the best exercise results.

However, if the single training time exceeds this time, the concentration will decrease, and the chances of the nervous system becoming soared, injured, and the strength will increase, which directly affects the fitness effect. The most frightening thing is that in the case of losing focus on muscle control and energy, it is particularly prone to sports injuries.

Especially for friends who just started to exercise, in fact, too long, there may be some emotional aversion and fatigue to fitness. The novice friend's own muscle content is not too high, the metabolism is not too strong, if the long-term physical energy consumption, coupled with limited nutrition follow-up measures, it is also easy to cause muscle loss, but caused slow metabolism, is not conducive to fat loss and weight loss.



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