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Is Apple Vinegar Fat-reducing Effect Good?
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Is Apple Vinegar Fat-reducing Effect Good?

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Many of my friends complained that their limbs are thick and strong, and the waist is still slender. They are not satisfied with this partial line. I don't know what to do. Apple vinegar experts recommend the way of exercise, as long as you pay attention to details in life, I believe the results are better than the special fitness effect.


1: Wipe the window and swing the body

 The legs are open and stand, the stride is slightly larger than the shoulder width, about half a meter away from the window, the knees are not bent, the pelvis is standing up, the arms are straight, the rag is pressed against the glass window, the elbows are not bent, and the upper body is swung left and right. While scrubbing the window, fully stretch the shoulder blades.


2: Stretch it while cleaning the room

 When wiping the floor, the legs are squatting, the upper body is bent down, and parallel to the ground, the two hands are stretched straight on the ground, the back muscles are stretched forward, while the right hand is used to wipe the floor, while lifting the left leg upwards, straightening Stretching while the right leg on the ground maintains a 90-degree knee bend. Do it for 10 seconds.


3: Burn fat after eating too much

Party party will increase your food intake. After dinner, your legs will stand up straight, the pelvis will come up, the upper body muscles will stretch upwards, the left arm will bend your elbows behind the waist, the right hand will hold the abdomen, and inhale deeply 10-30. Seconds expand the abdomen and then exhale for a long time. Apple vinegar gram fat body thin experts said that increased abdominal pressure exercise diaphragm, help the burning of fat.


4: Tightening the thigh muscles while watching TV

Don't waste big time to lose weight while watching TV! Sitting on the sofa, the upper body is straight, the two hands are on the sofa, the legs are bent and close together, the thighs and the calves are at a right angle of 90 degrees, and the magazine is sandwiched between the left and right knees. Then raise your feet up 5 cm vertically, let the soles of the feet float on the ground, and clamp the magazine with the inner and the quadriceps, while stretching the waist and abdomen muscles.



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