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Real Sex Doll Goddess Pink Tender Peach Mouth
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Real Sex Doll Goddess Pink Tender Peach Mouth

Realistic and delicate skin, Improved TPE soft package, Delicate and smooth touch, Flexible, pressure resistant and tear resistant...

Real sex doll Sexy goddess adult doll made in china 


product information

Product Name: Entity Simulation Man Doll

Skin color: natural color

Height: 140cm-165cm

Material: New TPE doll

Function: Yin / Anus / Mouth / Chest / Foot


Height: 140cm/150cm/158cm/165/cm

Waist circumference: 52cm/49cm/58cm/57cm

Bust: 70cm/72cm/82cm/85cm

Hip circumference: 74cm/76cm/84cm/90/cm

Weight: 28kg/30kg/31/kg/37kg



Simulation partner


Faithful waiting every minute



good qaulity


Have it  in your dreams



Pink tender peach mouth


Plump and charming chest

White tender little jade feet


Tempting jade hip


Sexy goddess

Royal Sister

first love

Queen of COS



Tight end, dense lines are more exciting

Spiral inner wall, spiral structure friction stimulation

G-point friction crown is more realistic

Floating granules, reappearing realistic court

First sight of happiness

never give up

sex dolls  care notes

Any movement of the body joints (except for the fingers) is recommended to allow sex dolls  to lie down and operate. 

Considering the delicateness of sex dolls , please move as soft as possible.

Don't be too violent, so as to avoid some scratches or damages. Sitting position: After pressing the doll body, pull the leg to reach about 90 degrees, then hold the doll body and let it rise.


sex dolls  cleaning method:

The channel has a special gift cleaner. If you have enough strength, 

it is recommended to use the whole body to clean the bathroom. After a long time, the surface of the doll will be dust and dirt.

Use a general detergent, such as washing powder, in case of stubborn stains, 

a small amount of washing powder or a small amount of water can be directly washed, it is easier to remove, after washing, after the surface is dry,

Spread the hand-powder powder (can be replaced by ordinary hazelnut powder) evenly on the surface. 

After washing, the sex dolls surface of the model is as smooth as before, and the hand feels smooth as before.


sex dolls  Maintenance:

Do not use sharp instruments to draw the surface of the doll (including nails). Do not knead hard to avoid damage to the skin of sex dolls .

Avoid wearing clothes that are easy to fade or work poorly.

It is best to wear dark clothes in dark clothes and not to mix with ink-containing substances, 

such as newspapers and magazines, which contain oil-soluble dark clothes or leather.

To avoid staining. The model can not be placed in a direct sunlight for a long time, 

so as not to cause the baby to aging and crack to avoid placing the model for a long time.

Difficult bending posture, so as not to cause the doll to be severely deformed and damaged due to long-term pulling


sex dolls  Maintenance time:

Regular maintenance and cleaning according to the situation



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