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Reduce Fat And Increase Muscle Considerations
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Reduce Fat And Increase Muscle Considerations

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1, the exercise weight loss plan to develop first of all to know: only three to four times a week of exercise, in order to fully burn fat. Three days of exercise a week can be staggered for exercise time, and on weekends, you can also do outdoor weight loss exercise, which can prevent the accumulation of fat without causing body aches.

2, if you want to increase the amount of muscle, you must increase the intensity of exercise, regular exercise can help burn body fat, reduce the ratio of body fat, that is, increase the consumption of heat.

3, the average boy will choose the chest, arm, and hip training courses. Girls can strengthen the waist and abdomen muscles, as well as the lines of the hips and legs, and continue the extended courses such as Pilates and Yoga.

4, exercise to lose weight must ensure the intake of dinner, otherwise the blood sugar level and mood will become unstable at night. If this happens, you can eat some protein-rich foods.

5. Studies have shown that even if you play tennis for hours every day, as long as you drink one or two more sweet drinks or eat more Western-style cakes, the hard-working weight loss results will disappear. Therefore, in order to obtain a long-lasting weight loss effect, in addition to exercise, it should be rationally regulated from the diet.

6, not the more intense exercise, the better the weight loss effect, but the long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise is more beneficial to lose weight, and more than 30 minutes.



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