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Weight Loss Patches Effectiveness
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Weight Loss Patches Effectiveness

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In most cases, there isn’t proof that weight reduction patches are powerful. that is due to the fact those merchandise are marketed as nutritional supplements in the united states of america. and nutritional dietary supplements don’t ought to meet the same requirements for effectiveness that otc and prescription medicinal drugs do. therefore, weight reduction patches don’t have rigorous testing executed by means of the meals and drug management (fda) to prove that they truly paintings.

There may be little, if any, proof showing that weight reduction patches do work. maximum effectiveness studies carried out by means of the product producers were small and do no longer meet traditional requirements for medical research.

In a few cases, the authorities has needed to step in. in 2004, the federal change commission sued a weight reduction patch manufacturer for making false claims. the maker said that clinical studies showed that their weight loss patch triggered great weight loss and that the product’s most important aspect (fucus vesiculosus, or sea kelp) become fda-authorized. neither of these claims became genuine. due to the lawsuit, the maker agreed to forestall making the ones claims.



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