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Weight Loss Taboo
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Weight Loss Taboo

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Do not eat breakfast, Chinese food and dinner will inevitably eat too much food, especially for dinner, sleep shortly after dinner. The body is too late to digest and absorb. In the long run, the body is overwhelmed, resulting in excess heat, which can easily cause fat accumulation and make people fat. Not eating breakfast will probably make you a fat body, so breakfast is the way to lose weight!

Today's lack of exercise has caused more harm to the human body than smoking, and even millions of people worldwide die every year due to lack of exercise. Obesity, sedentary and no exercise are all important enemies of health.

Eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent obesity, fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in a variety of phytochemicals, these substances help the body better detoxification, especially for some heavy metals, lead, mercury, etc., but also have good anti-aging to the skin, go Wrinkle, emollient effect. Dietary fiber ingredients can also promote the body's metabolic function. Because fruits and vegetables can increase the body's excretion and metabolism, it is greatly beneficial to slimming.



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