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What Is The Origin Of Obesity?
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What Is The Origin Of Obesity?

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1. The genetic

Some obese people are born with the obesity gene, which means that their obesity is inherited. Hereditary obesity is also known as physical obesity. According to the experts study statistics: both parents are obese, so, their female 60 ~ 80 to avoid the possibility of becoming obese; Only one parent is obese, and their children are 407. May become obese; If both parents are thin, only 10 percent of their daughters are likely to be obese. At the same time, the size of the parents' obesity is hereditary, and so is the location of their obesity.

2. Bad eating habits

Poor eating habits can lead to obesity. Eating too fast, do not eat breakfast, partial food, snacks or eat too much sugar will lead to obesity.

Most fat person eats speed too fast, this makes food cannot get sufficient chew, chew time too short, can cause exceed appetite redundant enter, when cerebrum appetite center outputs stop feed signal, went to had eaten overmuch food. Don't eat breakfast, easy to get fat. Because after a night of sleep, the body has more than 10 hours without energy consumption has been eating, the body needs to contain rich carbohydrate breakfast to complement afresh, stored energy, make people don't eat breakfast at lunch there was a strong sense of fasting and hunger, imperceptible eat too much food, so as to promote food absorb, excess energy will turn into fat in the body.

3. Partial food can lead to nutrient intake side and imbalance, so that some nutrients lack thereby leading to obesity.

Some fat, the main meal that eat is not much, but snack ceaseless, those who cause total quantity of heat thereby exceeds bid greatly.

It is well known that too much sugar leads to obesity. Sugar is not only easy to absorb, and can enhance the activity of enzymes required to promote the generation of fat, and can stimulate the secretion of insulin with the role of promoting the synthesis of wax fat, thus making fat storage. 3. Not exercising

If you eat the same diet or eat too many calories, the body can not absorb so much nutrition, it will be stored as fat. And motion is insufficient, have to lose big person to use up, this has redundant quantity of heat to change into adipose store, accumulate over a period of time later more and more fat.

4. Psychological factors

Many factors in some social environment can act on people's psychology and lead to obesity. If the person that have a mirror lives or the pressure in the job and unhappy want to pass the joy on table to be able to compensate, the result brings about gradually fat rise. A few people often because mood is happy or sad, and involuntarily eat or overeat, bring about quantity of heat thereby excessive, become adipose, become fat person slowly. There are many examples of this in daily life. Accordingly the stimulation change of psychological tian yu, unbalance, mental trauma, mood is the important factor that makes fat.

5. Pathological obesity

This is because endocrine disorder or the disease such as metabolization obstacle causes fat, its cure has disease cure ability to eliminate this kind of fat only.

6. Drug-induced obesity the use of some drugs, such as adrenaline, thyroxine, insulin, or the use of steroidal drugs may lead to obesity.



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