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Why Dieting Is Easy To Rebound
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Why Dieting Is Easy To Rebound

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The human body itself is like an engine. In constant operation, this is the basic metabolism that is often said. A person with high basal metabolism will not gain weight even if he eats a lot of things every day without exercising. But once you diet, your basal metabolic function will gradually slow down. When your body is hungry for a long time, it will automatically turn on the “self-protection” mode. That is to say, the body will think: it may be caused by famine. What should I do with such long-term hunger? First, the muscle glycogen and water are added to the fat to ensure its own calories, and normal activities. In the process you will find that your weight is really reduced. But I can only regret to tell you that only the muscles and water are relieved, and the fat is not reduced.

You will find that the weight loss is quite fast in the past few days, gradually slowing down, or even stopping. Can't help but eat something, the body will absorb it madly, and add all the energy to the fat again, in preparation for the next "famine." This is the reason for the rebound.



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