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Causes of obesity
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1, physical obesity. Cause: Congenital. The metabolism of material in vivo is slow, and the rate of material synthesis is greater than that of decomposition. Phenomenon: fat cells are large and many, all over the body.

2. Gain sex obesity. Cause: caused by overeating. Sweet food, rich food, fat more distributed in the trunk. Phenomenon: Fat cell is big, but the quantity does not increase.

3. Cushing syndrome. Cause: Adrenal cortical hyperactivity, excessive cortisol secretion. Phenomenon: face, neck and body hypertrophy, but the limbs are not much fat.

4. Pancreatic origin. Cause: Excessive insulin secretion, reduced metabolic rate, so that the reduction of fat decomposition and synthesis increased. Phenomenon: Body fat.

5, sexual function is reduced. Cause: Brain obesity, accompanied by sexual function loss, or decreased libido. Phenomenon: The breast, the lower abdomen, the genitals near fat.

6. Pituitary sex. Cause: Pituitary lesions lead to excessive growth hormone secretion in the anterior pituitary gland. Phenomenon: Whole body bone, soft tissue, visceral tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

7, hypothyroidism. Reason: hypothyroidism. Phenomenon: Obesity and mucus-type edema.

8. Drug source. Cause: The side effects of drugs are caused by drugs such as adrenocortical hormone. Phenomenon: Obesity occurs after a period of medication, such as some patients with allergic diseases, rheumatoid disease, asthma.

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