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How to keep fit
- Nov 29, 2018 -

1. Slimming vegetables:

There are many vegetable fibers, which not only require more time to chew, but also when the vegetables enter the stomach, they will absorb water and swell, which is easy to make the stomach feel full.

2. Slimming changes the order of eating:

Since vegetables can swell when exposed to water, it is easy to make the stomach feel full. Therefore, you can drink soup, eat vegetables, and then eat rice, noodles and protein.

3. Slimming, less oil, less seasoning:

The oil added to the dried noodles and noodle soup will make the noodles taste better, but the calories are relatively higher. The soup is not only thickened, but also high-calorie ingredients such as cream and salt water; foods cooked with high oil, such as Chinese-style thicken The dishes also imply high calories. In the same way, fry is also a food that is less touched.

4. Timely and quantitative three meals:

Do not eat breakfast, or eat only two meals a day, eat less or not eaten at dinner, will reduce the body's metabolic rate, delay the effect of weight loss; or endure a meal does not eat, but the body because of the famine The message will eat more, so be sure to eat three meals at regular intervals. However, since the amount of activity during the day is higher than at night, the amount of breakfast and lunch is the highest, and the activity at night is reduced, and the intake of dinner is also reduced.

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