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Principle of efficacy of weight loss stickers
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1. Drug acupoint stimulation, regulating qi and activating blood flow row "three blood stasis": The discharge of blood stasis and abdominal paste according to the dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, open occlusion, guide the theory of Yin and yang, through the human body hundred points of the King-god que acupoint absorption, medicine + acupoint therapy, the meridians and Viscera for a comprehensive regulation of dredging, live blood, water, dampness, enhance the transport function of the spleen and stomach, balance yin and yang, Regulation of endocrine, to promote the body's supply and demand of the negative balance, the total elimination of the body fat factors-"three stasis."

A. Restore the normal metabolic function of the human body: the material metabolism of obese people compared with the normal, there is a significant difference, in the same diet conditions, obese people's synthetic metabolism than normal hyperthyroidism, especially the increase in fat synthesis and decomposition reduced. Blood stasis and abdominal paste are stimulated by acupoint stimulation to restore normal metabolism, balance energy metabolism, material metabolism, inhibit fat synthesis, promote body fat mobilization and fat decomposition, and reconstruct the body fat metabolism balance function;

B. Regulation of gastrointestinal, pancreatic function: Gastrointestinal dysfunction can lead to water can not be metabolized in vivo, resulting in excess water accumulation in the body, and the decomposition of fat can not function properly. In addition, the pancreatic function is low, can lead to sugar decomposition into the heat of the hormones (pancreatic hormone), so not only is the metabolism of sugar, including fats, proteins, water and minerals metabolism will also occur abnormalities, the result of the body to replenish energy and overeating, so that fat accumulation, forming obesity. The drainage of blood stasis to adjust gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and other viscera functions, improve the human environment, and thus fully block excess fat in the body of the accumulation.

C. Endocrine secretion: Endocrine disorders, hormonal abnormalities such as: insulin, adrenaline, the abnormal secretion of female hormones can lead to obesity. such as: In vivo estrogen secretion is too much, fat synthesis accelerates, when estrogen secretion is too low, the satiety nerve is inhibited weakens, the appetite increases, the ingestion more food, thus more fat in the body accumulation. Discharge blood stasis to adjust endocrine, eliminate the body "three stasis", cut off existing in the body of "fat gener", thoroughly solve the problem of obesity, health and safety does not rebound.

2. Activate lipase activity, accelerate fat decomposition: The plant activates the body to stimulate the organism to produce more lipase activation cell, activates the body adipose decomposition enzyme the activity, further decomposes consumes the excessive accumulation fat, causes it to discharge with the metabolism outside the body.

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