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Weight loss stickers apply to the crowd
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1. Food-eating obese people

Such people can be forced to diet, can temporarily thin down, once unable to control appetite, will rebound back, and is likely to be fatter than before.

2. Bear-Fat people

Postpartum women weigh beyond the normal range of 20%~50% and are known medically as fertile obesity.

3. Job-type obese people

This group of people are busy with their work. The pressure is low, because the "vitality" is insufficient. The pressure is too high, causing the stomach, intestines, liver and other digestive functions to decline. Abnormal metabolism, a tendency to eat snacks.

4. Edema Type obese person

Also known as "phlegm and dampness intrinsic obesity", buttocks and thigh edema, which is called "lower body fat" people. This is due to the physical drainage function of poor, excess water accumulation in the body caused by obesity.

5. Obese people in middle age

After entering middle age, because the organ metabolic function drops, the heat consumption decreases, thus accumulates the fat to accumulate in the abdomen. Hips and thighs, and so on, in addition, career. The stability of the family also leads to "grow fat".

6. People with obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease, when the body eats more calories than calories, excess calories in fat form stored in the body, the amount of more than the normal physiological needs, and reached a certain value when it evolved into obesity.

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