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Weight Loss Stickers Overview
- Mar 28, 2018 -

There are many weight loss stickers online, a variety of brands, many people want to lose weight because of its convenient, safe to try, but a lot of people use a general reflection of weight loss paste effect is not good, used for a long time has not been reduced.

Can obese people achieve the goal of slimming by a small stick? In fact, no matter how you talk about weight loss, the first thing to achieve is to put the stick of drugs through the acupoints or skin absorption, that is, "transdermal absorption," in the United States, the transdermal absorption technology called "transdermal absorption system", is cutting-edge technology, that is, it is quite complex, the key technology is skin tissue, drug contact area, drug ionization technology, Only by doing this can drugs be posted to the human body. The second is the drug ingredient, the active ingredient has the effect of suppressing food at present, diarrhea effect, is actually the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs through external use to achieve, but also to accelerate the consumption of fat, compared to the weight loss stickers not only faster than oral, but also can play a role in weight loss, safety, gastrointestinal damage is small.

After comparison, found that some of the market to lose weight affixed to the patch structure has a unique place, can expand the absorption surface, prolonged absorption time, the main role of its drugs is to speed up the metabolic secretion, after the use of a clear sense of metabolic speed, mouth dry, fat consumption, falling fast rebound slowly.

Scientific proof, paste which thin, is a kind of pseudoscience, with drugs is not achieved, but the most easily accumulated fat place is also the most easily consumed place.

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