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What is the role of acai berry?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

The Brazilian berry belongs to the family Palmaceae and is named after its growth in South America. The current acai berry is also grown in small quantities in Taiwan, China and Huizhou, Hong Kong.

Acai berry is a medicinal value found in ancient times. It is generally believed to help the wound heal, clear blood, diarrhea and ulceration. Peruvian doctors believe that it is suitable to help fever, fever, hair loss, irregular menstruation and so on. And modern acai berry extract is also used to test against leukemia cancer cells. But for women, the real role of acai is the slimming effect of acai berry. Contains fatty acids to promote intestinal peristalsis, high fiber content helps satiety, and takes away the fat that consumes the system. Contains special digestive enzymes to promote metabolism and promote fat burning.

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