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Form Classification Of Weight Loss Drugs
- Mar 28, 2018 -


is to have some weight loss ingredients to make weight loss granules, and then through the oral to achieve the effect of weight loss. In general, there are more granules containing diarrhea and inhibiting food, and this kind of medicine is contrary to the principle of health.

Diet Tea

From the medical principle, it is the sum of tea which has the effect of detoxification and beauty. A tea agent used to reduce obesity. Its prescriptions are different, how many with appropriate herbal medicine, is said to reduce fat, reduce cholesterol, eliminate fatigue and so on.

Weight Loss Stickers

Weight loss stickers that is, the drug ingredients through the skin or acupoint absorption into the human blood, to achieve weight loss purposes of weight loss products. The effective ingredient has the effect of suppressing food, diarrhea, in fact, the gastrointestinal absorption of drugs through external use to achieve, and accelerate the consumption of fat.

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