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Principle Of Fat Reduction Exercise
- Jan 17, 2019 -

The fat loss exercise is generally like this: aerobic metabolism directly consumes a lot of calories, oxidizes fat, and reduces fat. Improve the body's metabolic consumption, increase the daily energy consumption, and also achieve the purpose of weight loss.

During exercise, the body's muscle glycogen and hepatic glycogen are consumed in large quantities. They are the first energetic substances in exercise. There are data showing that their total stock in the human body is between 250g and 400g. At the end of the exercise, due to the stimulation of the exercise, the body generally stores more glycogen than before exercise.

After exercise, liver glycogen will be quickly replenished under a reasonable diet. In the process of supplementation, the body stores a large amount of water in the proportion of glycogen: water = 1:3. In other words, when you store 100g of glycogen in your body, you will store 3 times more water, which means the total weight will increase to 400g.

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